Coral Calcium

|39g powder with spoon

$ 12.99

  • Calcium is composed of coral calcium
  • Originates from the clean and pollution-free Okinawa Island
  • Contains inulin to improve enterogastric peristalsis.
  • The natural sweetness of inulin makes it delicious for children and adults alike.makes
  • No artificial food colors, preservatives, or flavors.

Detailed description

  • 100% natural and pollution-free Okinawa coral calcium. Supplied by the only manufacturer in Japan with patented coral calcium mining claim.
  • Contains calcium, magnesium, and more than 72 minerals. Proven to benefit overall health in clinical trials.
  • Each spoon contains 183mg of calcium.
  • Helps to maintain and promote the formation and health of bone and teeth.
  • Supports natural blood clotting.
  • Helps with proper nerve impulse transmission and contraction of muscle and heart.
  • Regulates cell permeability.
  • Contains inulin to improve bowel movement.

The natural sweetness of inulin powder makes it easy to consume for children