Digestive Enzyme +

|40g  powder with spoon

$ 24.99


  • 80 kinds of natural plant fermentation enzymes
  • quantifies plant-derived digestive enzymes
  • Soluble Dietary Fiber
  • L-glutamic acid

There are no added excipients, preservatives, etc.

Take it as soon as possible after opening

Detailed description

  • A palatable powder mixture of 80 carefully selected plant fermentation enzymes.
  • Contains quantifiable plant-derived digestive enzymes, aids digestive health, promotes regular bowel movements.
  • Contains multiple digestive enzymes: amylolytic enzyme, proteolytic enzyme, lipolytic enzyme, lactase enzyme, and cellulase enzyme.
  • Includes valuable L-glutamine and water-soluble dietary fiber, crucial nutrients for better overall health.
  • No excipients. No preservatives. Safe for consumption (Please consume shortly after opening).
  • Compact packaging, easy to carry around, allows you to enjoy a good meal anytime anywhere.