EyeCare EX


$ 32.99

  • This package contains 30 vegetable capsules
  • Patented proportion 5:1 (Lutein: Zeaxanthin)
  • Each capsule has 


          Seaweed Extract (Contains DHA)

Detailed description

  • Multi-phytochemicals formula, high ORAC: lutein, zeaxanthin, and bilberry extract, 100% plant extracts.
  • Strictly selected patented marigold extract, 5:1 premium proportion of Lutein: Zeaxanthin.
  • Free lutein with high bioavailability.
  • Contains highly concentrated 80mg of red algae extract(consists of 5% Zeaxanthin), and improves skin appearance and complexion.
  • Contains DHA from microalgae extract, an important component of the neural cell membrane.
  • Each tablet contains 170mg Bilberry extract, which consists of 25% anthocyanidin.

*ORAC: Oxygen radical absorbance capacity