MitoQ10 Complex
|with multiple nutrients|support mitochondria


$ 21.99

  • This package contains 30 Vegetable Capsules
  • In conjunction with other precious ingredients:

          Yeast Vitamin B


          Vitamin D

          Vegetarian omega-3

          Antioxidant Vitamin A, C, and E

  • No artificial food colors, preservatives, or flavors

Detailed description

  • Strict selection of U.S. patented CoQ10, fermented from natural yeast, non-GMO, > 98.0% of CoQ10 in its natural isomer form, high bioavailability.
  • CoQ10 is an essential component of every mitochondrion in human body.
  • Mitochondria are the organelle responsible for energy production within the cell.
  • Contains many precious ingredients: natural Vitamin B-complex (yeast B-complex), folic acid, aquamin, VitaminA, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, microalgae extract, β-glucan, Siberian Ginseng P.E., taurine.
  • An antioxidant that helps to maintain normal energy metabolism and physiological function of the nervous system and muscle.

**. Statin use requires supplementation of CoQ10 to prevent the reduction in CoQ10 synthesis