Marine CalciumPlus+

 |with Vitamin D3+K2+CPP|180 TABLETS

$ 66.99

  • This package contains 180 film-coated tablets (lacto-vegetarian).
  • Aquamin from Ireland that contains marine trace minerals
  • Added vitamin D, CPP (casein hydrolysate), and Natto Fermented Extract (Vitamin K2) to enhance calcium absorption
  • No artificial food colors or preservatives.

*Taking one tablet of "Marine CalciumPlus+" and one capsule of "Magnesium Glycinate" each provide a good absorption ratio (2:1) for calcium and magnesium.

Detailed description

  • Highly bioavailable form of 100% aquamin from Ireland with multiple certified patents and organic certification.
  • Contains calcium, magnesium, and more than 72 minerals. Proven to benefit overall health in clinical trials.
  • Each tablet contains 224mg of calcium, combined with100IU Vitamin D, CPP (casein hydrolysate), and natto fermented extract (Vitamin K2) to enhance calcium absorption.
  • Helps to maintain and promote the formation and health of bone and teeth.
  • Supports natural blood clotting.
  • Helps with proper nerve impulse transmission and contraction of muscle and heart.
  • Regulates cell permeability.

** The recommended calcium intake for adults is 1000mg per day